Carrickmacross Lace uses a technique of needlework called ‘applique’, the lace being worked by applying fine organdie to a delicate net ground. When this process is complete the excess organdie is cut away revealing the design. A further effect, called ‘guipure’, also a feature of this lace, is achieved by linking areas of the pattern thus creating a very intricate design of open work. Colourful terms are used to identify the extensive range of stitches which enrich and embellish the pattern – bars, pops, cobweb etc. Filling stitches may vary from those shown.

Much of the lace work we do is on a commission basis, customers contact us with ideas for a wedding veil, a communion veil or a special gift. Each person has a different preference and we design a Carrickmacross Lace pattern to suit their needs. Because Carrickmacross Lace is so intricate and time consuming it is important that you contact us at least 6 months in advance for a Communion Veil and a Wedding Veil. We will do our best to help you.